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Here are some tips in choosing a Walker or Rollator:

How to determine the correct height? The general rule is that the hand grips should be at wrist height with a slight bend at the elbow. Adjust the Walkers and Rollators to be high enough for the user to hold comfortably with their arms bent at a 20 - 30 degree angle. If the user has to stoop down or reach up to hold the handles, move it up or down an inch or two for a comfortable and safe position. Most standard size Walkers and Rollators are height adjustable for users 5'3"- 5'11". Junior Rollators work well for users 4'8" - 5'2". Tall size Rollators are best for users 5'11"- 6'4". What is the weight of the user? (Referred to as "weight capacity") If the user is over 250-300 pounds, Bariatric (for heavy weight people) or Heavy Duty models are available.

Three Wheels, Four Wheels, Seats? This is a matter of choice depending on the person's needs. Three wheelers are easy to transport but do not have seats. Four wheelers have seats that allow the user to take a rest when the standing gets a bit too much.

Will it be used indoors, outdoors or both? Wheel size is important; 8 inch wheels are better able to roll over a variety of surfaces smoothly such as doorway thresholds and sidewalks. 6 inch wheels are good for petite users under 5'2" and indoor use. For a taller person, bigger wheels are better.

Does it need to be folded for transporting and put in a car? The weight of the Walker is important as well as the ability to fold. Determine who will be putting the Walker in the car and their lifting ability. Realize that the heavier walkers can be sturdier for those prone to falling.

Is the user able to work hand brakes? For most users the loop brakes are fine. For those with conditions that make squeezing the hand brakes difficult there are push down brakes available.

Will it be used to help carry things? (Newspaper, laundry basket, packages, oxygen tank) There are many choices here such as baskets, pouches, seats, trays and accessories.

Will it be used on carpeting or hard floors? As a general rule, the bumpier the ride, the bigger wheels work best.

How wide are the doorways through which the Walker will need to go? Check specifications to select the correct width if you have narrow doorways.

Choose a color the user will enjoy! Blue, burgundy, red, green, pink, rose, bronze, black, silver are some options. Colorful and stylish Walker bags are also available.

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Rollators and Walker Info & Tips