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We at Wendy's Walkers have been in the home medical equipment and healthcare business for over 30 years. Dr. Wendy, D.C. has been a Chiropractor since 1982 and husband Barry, distributor of home medical equipment since 1977. Use our combined experience to help you in the most convenient way to find the best products and prices with attention and sensitivity to your individual needs.

Our parents are getting older and need some help, maybe yours do too. Most important is maintaining their safety. When balance and walking ability start to decrease, it becomes important to protect them from falls, the #1 reason for emergency hospital visits for the elderly. You must be PROACTIVE to avoid falls.

  • A walker can make all the difference to those just starting to lose their mobility, allowing them to move around more safely and independently. With the additional exercise they will get from walking (instead of sitting all day), they can stay healthier and much happier.

  • When a wheelchair is needed, it's needed. Sometimes they are used to go further distances than can be handled with the walker. Many of our friends need one all the time. Some use scooters and motorized chairs.

  • Bathroom safety is of utmost importance. " Don't fall " is our mantra.

  • Why not be comfortable? A lift chair is a great help.

  • If incontinence is a problem, you do not need to carry and deliver large packages of supplies anymore. We will send you your favorite brand to save you time and money.

Taking care of a person who needs more help now than they used to is not easy. So do it in the best possible way for everyone! Save the time spent walking around shopping for these products. We will do the walking for you and have your purchases delivered directly to wherever you need them. We at Wendy's Walkers are dedicated to providing the very best equipment and supplies at discounted prices for you or your loved one, for the safest, most independent quality of life. Let us help you save money. Let us help you save time. Please feel free to call for our expert advice or place your order now online. We will do our best to make you happy.

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